Manufacturing process of organic-TFT 2024 edition

¡Explain organic-TFT manufacturing process by illustration
¡Full-cover from basic process to next generation process
¡Cover structure, substrate, material, and manufacturing process
¡Indicate molecule structure of organic material and SAM material

¡Easy to look at the file using any PC because of the format of browser, for example IE (Internet Explorer)
¡Possible to access at will from Index Page to detail page

¡Describe these illustrations at 3D image
¡Number of total file are 82 (about 220 page in A4 form equivalent)
¡Illustrations of device structure and process flow are approximately 450.


Categorization and manufacturing process of organic-TFT (General theory)
¡Bottom gate/bottom contact structure
¡Bottom gate/top contact structure
¡Top gate/bottom contact structure
¡Top gate/top contact structure
¡Vertical type SIT (Static Induction Transistor)

Manufacturing process of organic-TFT (Particular theory)@
¡Forming process of gate electrode (Inorganic electrode)
¡Forming process of gate electrode (Metal ink)
¡Forming process of gate electrode (Conductive polymer)
¡Forming process of gate insulator film

¡Forming process of organic semiconductor layer
@ Evaporation process of small molecular organic semiconductor layer
@ Wet-coating process of wettable organic semiconductor
@ Alignment process of small molecular organic semiconductor
@ Surface modification process
@ Forming process of SAM film
¡Forming process of inorganic S/D electrode (Vacuum deposition)
¡Forming process of S/D electrode (Conductive polymer)
¡Forming process of S/D electrode (Metal ink or paste)
¡Forming process of S/D electrode (CNT)
@ Surface modification process

¡Forming process of passivation layer
¡Forming process of transparent pixel electrode
¡Forming process of reflective pixel electrode
¡Forming process of transparent pixel electrode (Conductive polymer, CNT, and Nano size Ag)
A word of caution in manufacturing of organic-TFT with flexible substrate
¡Case of using flexible substrate with film shape
¡Organic-TFT and device are manufactured on original substrate, and then transferred to plastic film
¡Resin is coated on support substrate and cured, and then, organic-TFT and device are manufactured on resin film, finally, support substrate is released (the resin film is used as substrate)

£Process flow of single-like organic semiconductor


£Process flow of bottom contact type organic-TFT

£Organic semiconductor materials

£Co-forming process of S/D and organic semiconductor layer

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