Manufacturing process of oxide-TFT 2024 edition

Explain oxide-TFT Manufacturing process by illustration
Full-cover from basic process to next generation process
Describe feature and effective application

Explain TFT structure, and process flow of TFT array, CF array, LC cell, and module assemble.
Cover 3D technology of with and without glass method

Easy to look at the file using any PC because of the format of browser, for example IE (Internet Explorer)
Possible to access at will from Index Page to detail page
Describe these illustrations at 3D image
Number of total file are 105 (about 220 page in A4 form equivalent)
Illustrations of device structure and process flow are approximately 430.


£Applicable device for oxide-TFT

£Device structure

£Half-tone exposure process for 4 PEP device (channel-etch type)

£Process flow sample of flexible oxide-TFT

¡Categorization and structure of oxide-TFT
Orientation and feature of oxide-TFT

Categorization of oxide-TFTs

The top gate type
@ The conventional type
@ The self-align type

The bottom gate type
@ The etch-stopped type
@ The back-channel-etched type
@ The self-align type

The dual gate type

¡Manufacturing process of the top gate type (general theory)
@ 5 masks process
@ 4 masks process

¡Manufacturing process of the self-align type (general theory)
@ 6 masks process

¡Manufacturing process of the back-channel-etched type (general theory)
@ 5 mask process
@ 4 mask process
@ 5 mask process (IGZO-TFT with n+ IGZO layer)

¡Manufacturing process of the etch-stopped type (general theory)
@ 6 masks process

¡Manufacturing process of the back-channel-ethed type (The transparent TFT) (general theory)
@ 4 masks process

¡Manufacturing process of The dual gate type (general theory)
@ 7 masks process

¡Manufacturing process (particular theory)
@ Forming process of source/drain electrode
@ Forming process of oxide semiconductor layer (IGZO, AZTO, ZnO, HfIZO)
@ Forming process of using wettable oxide@semiconductor material
@ Forming process of gate electrode
@ Forming process of gate insulator film
@ Forming process of source/drain area
@ Anneal treatment
@ Forming process of pixel electrode (inorganic transparent pixel electrode, reflection pixel electrode, wettable material
@ Forming process of passivation layer ({ the planarization layer) and the contact hole

¡A word of caution in manufacturing of oxide TFT with flexible substrate
@ Case of using flexible substrate with film shape
@ Oxide TFT and device are manufactured on original substrate, and then transferred to plastic film
@ Resin is coated on support substrate and cured, and then, oxide TFT and device are manufactured on resin film, finally, support substrate is released (The resin film is used as substrate)

This CD-ROM is specialized oxide-TFT array process only. Driving device is considered OLED, e-paper in addition to LCD.

By contrast, gManufacturing process of oxide-TFT-LCDh covers oxide-TFT-LCD manufacturing process. In short, it covers oxide-TFT array process, CF (color filter) process, LC (liquid crystal) cell process, and module assemble process

If you take an interest oxide-TFT-LCD process, please choose gManufacturing process of oxide-TFT-LCDh. On the other hand, if you take an interest oxide-TFT array process only, please choose this CD-ROM.

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