Manufacturing process of FEL 2024 edition

¡Explain FEL (Field Emission Lamp) manufacturing process by illustration
¡Cover structure, classification, and manufacturing process
¡Full-cover from basic process to next generation process
¡Describe various emitters such as CNT, CNW, BSD, CNC, and etc.

¡Easy to look at the file using any PC because of the format of browser, for example IE (Internet Explorer)
¡Possible to access at will from Index Page to detail page
¡Describe these illustrations at 3D image
¡Number of total file are 27 (about 80 page in A4 form equivalent)
¡Illustrations of device structure and process flow are approximately 120.


¡Significance of existence of FEL

¡Classification of FEL

¡Structure of FEL and design concept

¡Manufacturing process of FEL (general theory)
@ Manufacturing process of diode structure FEL
@ Manufacturing process of triode structure FEL

¡Manufacturing process of FEL (particular theory)
@ Forming process of transparent anode
@ Forming process of phosphor layer
@ Forming process of Al back
@ Forming process of spacer
@ Forming process of seal layer
@ Forming process of cathode
@ Kind of emitter and manufacturing process
@ Single wall carbon Nano tube
@ Multi wall carbon Nano tube (MWCNT)
@ Carbon Nano tube with metal
@ Carbon Nano coil (CNC)
@ Carbon Nano twist
@ Cup-stacking type CNT
@ Carbon Nano wall (CNW)
@ Nano diamond
@ Whisker
@ BSD (Ballistic electron Surface emitting Display)
@ BLD (Ballistic Lighting Display)
@ Electride ceramics emitter
@ FEED (Ferroelectric Electron Emitter Device)
@ Mounting process of mesh grid
@ Baking process and outgassing process
@ Assemble, seal, exhaust, and activate process



£Process flow of triode type FEL

£Activation process of CNT emitter

£Deposition process of CNT emitter

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